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Bass fishing guides catch smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and striped bass in the Northwest in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Oregon bass fishing guides know where to catch trophy bass.

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Oregon fishing guide Todd Hannah offers what many people are now saying is the best fishing charter service in the Northwest. When you book a fishing trip with Oregon fishing guide Todd Hannah, you will be fishing the Umpqua River or nearby popular Oregon Rivers from comfortable heated jet boats and drift boats. You'll fish for Salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead, Bass, Striped Bass, Shad and Trout. The Hannah family has been fishing these waters for over 40 years now and use only the very best top quality fishing tackle.
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Smallmouth Bass Features

     Smallmouth bass are golden green to bronze with dark vertical bars and blotches on the side. The upper jaw does not extend beyond the eye. In some locations, it has a red eye. Somewhat smaller than the largemouth, smallmouth bass in Oregon may reach 23 inches and exceed 7 pounds.

     Smallmouth bass are adapted to flowing waters and do well in warm streams with deep holes and rocky ledges. They also prefer lakes and reservoirs with rocky shorelines and limited vegetation. Adult smallmouth feed mostly on fish and crayfish.

Tips On How to Catch Smallmouth Bass

     Much of what was written about largemouth bass also pertains to smallmouth. Like largemouth bass, smallmouth bass are less active and much harder to catch when the water temperature is below 50F.

     Smallmouth are more likely to be found where cover consists of rock rather than vegetation or sunken wood. The best places to look for them are near rocky points, boulders, ledges, or drop-offs. In the spring they move inshore in lakes and reservoirs and into the shallows of streams as the water warms.

     Spawning activity begins when water temperatures reach about 58F. As with largemouth, the male aggressively guards the nest and fry, making them easier to catch at this time. Other seasonal behavior is similar to that of largemouth bass, as are the angling techniques used to catch them, but because smallmouth are generally smaller, the lures used are also often smaller. Plastic grubs, crankbaits, and spinners are all effective.
Above info obtained from: Department of Fish and Wildlife

Bass fishing guides
Bass fishing guides is dedicated to promotion of the outdoor opportunities of the northwest. Fishing and camping is better here than anywhere else in the world. Pick out a guide or resort on one of the pages here and start planning the outdoor adventure of a life time. 

Thanks to Mah-Hah Outfitters for the photo on the left. Visit their website to see lots more like it. The John Day river in Oregon offers some of finest Bass fishing in the Northwest. Catches of over 100 fish a day are common and trophy Bass are all over. Find the right guide and learn to fish this River and have the fishing adventure of a lifetime.


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Bass Fishing Gurus
 Bass Fishing Gurus is a comprehensive bass fishing site with tips, in-depth techniques, complete tackle including lures, weights, bobbers, hooks, reels and rods with lodge listings and fishing for kids. Over 500 pages of everything bass!

Steve Smith Outdoors

Steve Smith Outdoors fishing guide service close to Portland, Oregon for Sturgeon, Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, Bass, and Walleye. The fishing is good when you fish with a full time fishing guide who has been a fishing guide on these Oregon rivers since 1977. Steve fishes the Columbia River, Deschutes River, Clackamas River & hosted his own Fishing TV Show for several years called ..... you guessed it "Steve Smith Outdoors"

This Bass caught on the John Day River in Oregon.
Thanks to Mah-Hah Outfitters for the photo above.

Largemouth Bass caught on the John Day River in Oregon. Thanks to Mah-Hah Outfitters for the photo above.

Smallmouth Bass caught on the John Day River in Oregon. Thanks to Mah-Hah Outfitters for the photo above.

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Columbia River Fishing Guides

 Columbia Fishing for Trophy walleye summer walleye out of Boardman and Irrigon, OR. Oversized and keeper Sturgeon from John day to Mcnary Dam, Chinook salmon and steelhead from there entering the river at Astoria to the Deschutes river and up to The hanford reach, also trips for shad and smallmouth Bass

We fish for sturgeon, walleye starting in January; then start fishing Bass around late April; Salmon starting August; still fishing walleye thru August/Sept; then the focus turns to steelhead Sept thru Jan of the next year. Where we fish on the Columbia R or John Day R depends on species and time of year. We provide all gear/tackle, coffee/soft drinks, water; we fish 0700---3 PM/8 hours; may I say making your fishing experience enjoyable is our focus.

Mah-Hah Outfitters

Mah-Hah Outfitters started in 1991, and has been the #1 Master Angler Guide service on the John Day River for smallmouth bass (20"+) ever since.  We do one to seven day trips from deluxe drift boats, rafts, and one-man pontoon boats.  We supply everything but your fishing license. We also offer Cast and Blast trips for smallmouth bass, steelhead, wild upland birds and waterfowl in October, November, December, and January We also have two Private Lakes which offer Trophy Largemouth Bass/Bluegill, and triploid Trout (up to six pounds). So "Quit Wishin' and Let's Go Fishin'".
We also offer Eco-Tours on the John Day River.  These are lead by the head of the Paleo Institute, Dr. Ellen Bishop, and explore the geology and the making of the John Day River.

Largemouth Bass caught on the John Day River in Oregon. Thanks to Mah-Hah Outfitters for the photo above.

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